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SP-0 Mod D


  • Interlocking of switch controls the power and transformer stations.
  • Voltage indication of lines / bus bars.


The input consists of a star-connected three-phase transformer, followed by a rectifier. R4 and V9 limits the voltage to approx. 27 Vdc to the remaining electronics. The relay K1 is controlled by the comparator V17 that gets the reference from the voltage divider R12, R8.

The measurement voltage is taken from the voltage divider R5, R6. This is chosen so that the comparator does not connect the relay before Switch-on voltage is sufficiently high.

The relay falls when the voltage by R4 has come down to 5-6 volts. R1, R2 and R3 are varistor, which comes into effect at ca. 330/600 V ~, respectively, 110/220 Volt versions.

Normal supply and voltage on all phases:
Switching on at approx. 40/75 V ~
Switching off at approx. 25/40 V ~
respectively for 110/220 VAC
Measured at the Input.

  DIN 35 Option

  • 110 V or 220 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Insulation tested 2.3 kV~ between output and input.
  • Ambient temperature -20° - +60°C.

Order information:

Item.no. Model Installation
19-000-13  SP0 MOD.D 110V 50/60Hz   
19-000-14  SP0 MOD.D 110V 50/60Hz  DIN 35
19-000-88  SP0 MOD.D 220V 50/60Hz   
19-000-89  SP0 MOD.D 220V 50/60Hz  DIN 35



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