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Signal Lamp with built-in LED
Type SL

   Panel eksempel
  • Very long operating time
  • Easy mounting
  • Reliable reading at long distance
  • Wide angle

Voltage supply
The Indicator works both ac and dc supply voltages.
Available supply: 24V - 110V - 230V ac/dc.
For simple connection the indicator has a plugable base with 2
screw connections. (See fig. below.)
Technical specifications
Current: Ca. 12mA in the specific voltage ranges.
Working temperature: -40 til +70°C
Enclosure: IP67
on pluggable socket

Frontframe with label display.
(To be ordered in addition)



Ordering information:
SLR 24 Signal Lamp LED, Red 24V AC/DC
SLG 24 Signal Lamp LED, Green 24V AC/DC
SLY 24 Signal Lamp LED, Yellow 24V AC/DC
SLB 24 Signal Lamp LED, Blue 24V AC/DC
SLR 110 Signal Lamp LED, Red 110V AC/DC
SLG 110 Signal Lamp LED, Green 110V AC/DC
SLY 110 Signal Lamp LED, Yellow 110V AC/DC
SLB 110 Signal Lamp LED, Blue 110V AC/DC
SLR 230 Signal Lamp LED, Red 230V AC/DC
SLG 230 Signal Lamp LED, Green 230V AC/DC
SLY 230 Signal Lamp LED, Yellow 230V AC/DC
SLB 230 Signal Lamp LED, Blue 230V AC/DC
LBL SL Label Display  



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