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Electrical Light Switch Indicator
Type LSI

LED light with long lifetime!  
  • Very long operating time due to the LED
  • Easy mounting
  • Reliable reading at long distance
  • Wide angle

The Indicator can be used in a switchboard showing switch positions,
valve positions etc. for easy reading.
Structure and manner of operation
The Indicator consist of two ledrows, the one showing the vertical
and the other showing the horizontal direction.
The green vertical row of LED´s showing the switch etc. in: On position with a bright green lightrow.
The red horizontal row of LED´s showing the switch etc. in: Off position with a bright red lightrow.
Other informations
  • The cut out space for the lock cam is as shown in the figure below.
  • The indicator is delivered in a round performance.
  • Loose square front frame also delivered for circuit-breaker purpose.
  • Other colours of the leds can be delivered on request.
  • The green or red light indicates the switch positions in a way that make it
    easy to read for a distance at about 20 meters in an angle of ± 45°.
    Voltage supply
    The Indicator works both ac and dc supply voltages.
    Available supply: 24V..….110V..…..230V ac/dc. (Option other supply
    voltages.) For simple connection the indicator has a plugable base with 3
    screw connections. (See fig. below.)
    Technical specifications
    Current: Ca. 12mA in the specific voltage ranges.
    Working temperature: -40 til +70°C
    Enclosure: IP65

    on pluggable socket

    Square front frame.

    (To be ordered in addition)

    Frontframe with label display.
    (To be ordered in addition)


    Ordering information:*

    LSI-24V AC/DC
    LSI-110V AC/DC
    LSI-230V AC/DC

    * Other voltage supplies on request.
    * Other colors of lightrow on request.


    For orders please send e-mail to eldesign@online.no or contact by phone: +47 913 32 599

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