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Elektro Design is a production and development company for electronics with emphasis on small series production. We are today two employees with good and relevant access to additional expertise in the established network. The company was established in 1985 and has since 2001 taken over production equipment and production basis from another company in the same industry.

Procon Electronics'
production department for electronics was decommissioned and sold July 2001. Elektor Design v/Harald Smith has taken over production drawings and equipment.

Our mission is to contribute good and cost effective electronics products for the industrial market, as well as seek and develop solutions to new and existing concepts.

CEO:    Harald Smith
Telephone: +47 913 32 599
E-mail: eldesign@online.no
Internett: www.eldesign.no
Address: Ovlandsvegen 195
N-4646 Finsland




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